85th Anniversary Celebration of the Alberta Society of Artists
Leighton Art Centre, Calgary

September 24 - October 9, 2016


Juried Exhibition of the members of the Alberta Society of Artists. Following the presentation at the Leighton Centre, the show will travel to the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery and then to the Drumheller Western GM Gallery in early 2017.


During an eighteen-month assignment in Australia, my wife, Kathy, and I found much solace during the occasional days of homesickness from our walks along the nearby stream behind our house.  The stream flowed under an arched bridgework of eucalyptus trees through which the sunlight and the exotic birds danced.  The trees bridged not only the peaceful stream, but they united our affections for two countries on opposite sides of the world.  This place was a sanctuary of peace for us while away from home.